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People fascinate me. I am pretty sure this fascination stems from my childhood the things my parents ‘put me through’ … All the lonely nights of questioning why my dad did this my mum did this why he ten did that and how she did that…. It was relentless. And as a kid, watching all the arguments with my apparently small and simple mind… Was filled with soooo many possibilities and ideas of what could be happening.. As I grew and became closer to other people this curiosity then extended to teachers, other peers, family friends, grand parents… However my parents-family always maintaining the strongest curiosity.

I suppose that’s what lead me to study my undergraduate in Psychology and then move on to pursue a career in psychotherapy……..

Anyways, my first post was supposed to be when I started my new job at a children’s unit in January 2015 but 1. I can’t wait till then 2. I have a topic that’s burning through my thoughts at the moment and if really like to jot them down in order to try and figure out what the hell I’m thinking.

Hate in the counter transference…… TBC