I once met a man who told me he was a recovering alcoholic.

He used to drink up to 8 bottles of neat vodca every day.

He used to be a happy farmer, he had 100s of clients. Due to politics in his Country his land was taken away from him. As problems started piling up the stress built up inside him. After another arduous day, on the way home he stopped at a gas station, bought a pack of cigarettes and something to drink and from there he just kept on going.

6 years after that day he told his Doctor, ‘I think I have a problem,’ and the Doctor saved his life.

The man found therapy, he found others in his situation, he found another job and he then found god.

Meeting him I can see he has been through the works. But he also sounds accomplished, spiritually. He speaks so much sense and almost eloquently about his passed. Looking at him I feel as if he will die a peaceful man. Having turned his life around.

I appreciate him for sharing his story and I wish him further strength to continue on his journey as well as the strength to keep sharing his experiences with those around him.