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I never ever thought I would ever write a blog about Kanye West… It’s some thoughts I have been struggling with for quite some time now and having just watched a very scary video of some Anonymous guy talking about how him and his people are not going to let Kanye West get away with being Kanye West if he continues to be Kanye West?!?!? (I know right?) I guess I feel it’s time to try and figure out why I was so shocked to watch the video and why I have been thinking about this man in the first place. So…. the day has finally come around and this is what I think. 

Over the last few years people have been coming down on this Kanye West. Recently however, perhaps a lot due to his marriage to Kim Kardashian… There has been such a huge huge upheaval about this man and how ridiculous, hot headed and talentless he is… Just all this terribly negative stuff rolling around in tabloids and other peoples impressions… And slowly but surely these ‘opinions’ and ‘discussions’ have been quietly annoying me more and more over time. 

Just to set the stage with my ‘relationship’  with the guy… I know Kanye has been around for ages! From days when I was in junior school I first remember guys going on about this legend and his ‘dope’ music. Over the years I haven’t particularly followed his music but there have been some songs I didn’t mind, some I enjoyed to watch or listen, some too rappy for me to appreciate.. I enjoy some of his music videos, it’s quite a nice change from the usual low budget, artists standing around singing, dancing, naked women… Some of Kanyes videos are very artistic and sort of elicit a reflective and thought provoking response (that is if you sit and really take in the whole picture)… So that’s it.. I have neither liked not disliked him and always been open to his artistic flare. 

Also, and for the purposes of where my thoughts might be taking me, I’d just like to add that I am norther black nor American. 

…Then I guess somewhere a long the line the fame started to get to him. There were reports about him lashing out at reporters, swearing this person, fighting here, saying this, snatching awards from [white women]…. And that’s when the negative opinions from all angles started flying in. 

Yes [white women], I just can’t help but think that this whole Kanye thing is actually modern day racism sitting right in front of our faces. When I look on Facebook or read articles about him these are primarily written and reported by white people. Complaining about the next catastrophic thing he has done?!?! Something in my mind makes me feel terribly uneasy when a white person says they don’t like Kanye West. What are you really saying. 

It actually becomes so tedious when almost every day something about Kanye West will come up. Randomly his song will come up on the radio and the predominately white crowd will ask for the song to be changed. He’s in the tabloids, I’m sitting and reading an article and a white person has an opinion about the guy. I mean….. Why do people think they have the right to an opinion about the guy when they don’t even listen to his music???

Do the people know that this erratic hot headed behaviour came when he lost his mother???? No one thought to take a second and ask why Kanye is acting out?!?  Instead we focus on the acting out without considering the reasons why???

 People will complain about him posting pictures of matching shoes that belong to his wife and daughter and him and say his priorities are warped  but they, for the life of them can’t  consider that the same man requested that guests at his baby shower, instead of bringing gifts, donate their money to a children’s hosptital. 

Do they think of the 20 odd foundations and charities, including doctors without borders as well as charity initiatives the man supports before they complain about his bling and choice of words when another [white male] wins an award he believes a black female should have won. 

I guess I can Continue to keep going one for one… For every negative thing that’s out there we can probably find a positive more eye opening quality.. But I suppose the real frustration with this Kanye debate encompasses a lot of difficult issues surrounding societies today that sort of supersede the individual Kanye debate and turn it into something more collective and wide reaching. 

  1. There’s this new type of racism and discrimination going around that is targeting black artists. And this brings a whole host of other thoughts to mind about the black industry. Also how young people who grow up looking to these artists and in the case of Kanye I can very easily imagine a young black man public denying his taste for this mans music because perhaps his white friends don’t like him!

  2. The idea that I am not a huge fan of Kanye West yet I know so much of his  life. How media and communication has catapulted our ability to ‘show the world who we are’ and in return what the world then takes from that. In addition to this there are the instances where celebrities completely lose control of what information and details about them are reported on and so this also leaves everything very open to manipulation. How can we be sure any thing is real anymore? 

  3. The automatic response to judge someone who has money in a negative light.

  4. And how these judgements just build and build and build with very little knowledge on the actual subject. We are so bombarded with information we take little bits we can retain and form grand impressions and ideas about them without actually knowing anything at all. 

  5.  There’s this new type of racism and discrimination going around that is targeting black artists. I’m going to repeat because I believe it really is there! 

Apologies for any grammatical errors in this post. It was more of a rant and also typed up on a mobile phone rather than a computer! I just feel like I needed to let this little bird of a thought free and see if I get any other thoughts back?!? This is my opinion, my own thinking. I always appreciate other perspectives and would really like to know what other people out there think?!? Of Kanye or of the wider issues raised? One of my biggest fears is being guilty of judging others who make judgements and being caught in negative spirals… If you read this and you have any thoughts please do share. 

Thank you.