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For starters.. I wish I had read the book first, which I normally prefer to do when a ‘good film’ comes out. However, due to circumstances beyond my control (an eager partner) it meant the movie came first…..

I don’t know much about media but I must say.. 

Brilliant cinamarography, brilliant acting, great cast… You really get a sense of the directors thinking very carefully about each and every portrayal. Whatever the original story, I feel as if it was depicted very well. Straight away you get a feeling that this is a film where the people involved in its creation really cared about the message in the novel. 

Although it does start with a BANG it follows through… Constantly giving you an esence/glimpse of what it’s like to be… Not only the main character but many who interact with her. 

There were countless favourite extracts I could use.. But my favourite and most thought provoking was the point at which the film talks about the unconscious sexual inclinations of people and how these drive certain actions in the world. Very very interesting. 

I am not saying much as I don’t want to spoil it for you… But if you are someone who is open to sexual exploration, able to hold multiple points of view (not justifications) on many painful and inportant  subjects such as addiction and paedophilia and abortion and female sexuality etc… Then Watch this film…… Better yet read the book.