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I am on ‘holiday’ at the moment. I say ‘holiday’ because it’s really a visit to see my partner that lives very very far away from me… We have this rule where we HAVE to see each other at the maximum of every 3 months for our relationship to survive… So the one that is most capable will make the trek, so far it has worked for us 🙂 

So… It’s Easter weekend, we decided to go away… We knew we had booked a coastal getaway but the trouble is neither of us really packed accordingly… Mostly choosing style over practicality..

To be honest when we haven’t seen each other for a while we do spend a few days couped up somewhere, falling into each others thoughts, minds and between the thighs… But I think as our relationship progresses we are not afraid to not be alone anymore, hence why this time we decided we would do a bit of adventure seeking… 

So what troubled me most was finding a beautiful, seemingly secret beach… And not being dressed for the occassion. I tell you… It really through me off.. And my partner had the worst of it. 

First we juggled with the idea of taking shoes and socks off? (At the beach) I then took the plunge, and my jealous partner followed suit. We then started walking down the beach, which was so very beautiful.. But I realise something my partner had never done before?!?!?  And struggled with the concept of walking to nowhere. As we walked, I realised that there was somewhat of a discomfort in the air.. More practical discomfort. The partners jeans were too tight to trudge through the sand and I had too many clothes on… however, luckily I  tactfully tied my trainers together and slung them over my shoulder which seemed to provide some kind of comfort to the situation.. 

I then Found myself pacing down the beach, my poor partner in the overly tight jeans, cutting off circulation, complaining about my eagerness to stampede ahead. 

Realising I was bombarding through a beautiful moment I paused and waited for my love to catch up. We decided it was ‘selfie time’ – with one hand free I was nominated and raised my hand to snap with my iPhone… (In comparison to my partner who had short shoe laced trainers in one hand and an iPad in the other)… 

We continued to walk on side by side.. Snapping the scenery through an iPhone and an iPad, respectively. My partner started to complain , somewhat. ‘Where are we going?’ – ‘what are we doing?’ Realising that they were struggling, tight jeans, now a pain in the right leg from the lack of circulation and because of the selfie pause we had left ourselves vulnerable to oncoming waves and now the bottom part of the tight trousers were drenched and starting to freeze up… 

But I was stubborn and persistent on getting something, anything out of this spectacular place we fell upon.. Which I may add we had previously given up on finding after ending up on some scary dead end dirt track facing a scary looking electric fence in a scary looking abandoned T section that was enclosed by scary looking abandoned looking farms.. 

I was sad we didn’t have a picnic blanket and some fruit to snack on… We also didn’t have sun block on either and the partner dearest can only stand so long under the aging sun. But we finally were here… It was beautiful, we had overcome so many things thus far.. … I remained determined. We walked the length of the beach, paused again.. Made fun of each other and our situation. And then walked back..

On the way back, we decided due to everything being against us we have to enjoy this so we lived in the moment. I was upset with myself, with our lack of preparedness with our modern day sel(vies) in our chic attire. But we walked back together, holding hands at times, a kiss here and there is, looking ahead at the beautiful rock formations, looking out to see the waves out at sea approaching us, we looked back at the awkwardness of our footprints, how beautiful they looked in the sand behind us. The cool breeze, the fresh air, the warmth on our skin… The fact that we were together again.. For a moment I’m sure we were both lost in our own private phantasies, of future, of hope of life of love… 

And then… It was time to go. I decided to continue the journey back up to the car barefoot and we also decided to take a different route up that we had taken to come down. Finally, with a lot of perspiration and reluctance and fear of snakes jumping out from bushes, we found the car and everything we now know to be ‘living’….. And by the end of it all I was a complete pot pouri of emotions. 

Sitting at home now, thinking about the day.. My partner walking funny because the sun, sea and sand had done something to the feet and they needed to be moisturised (I don’t get it).. And although I ultimately enjoyed the escapade I was very shocked at what I have become. Also, reading back on the story it sounds like I am all for condescending my partner but that was not the intention… It was more to highlight the ridiculous of the whole situation. 

More importantly it scares me most of all because I fear my future seedlings are currently on track to grow up influenced by a parent that is ill-prepared, lacking in adventure, that lacks spontaneity,  map struggling, tight pant wearing lacking in fruit earing and picnic taking, holding on to an iPad in the best looking outfit?!?!? 

I hope that with a little bit of insight and shame this will motivate me to start writing a different story. This.must.stop.now.