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This is one of many books I have read by Yalom and it is just as intriguing and beneficial as the others. I am not even halfway through yet but thought I would write a little something as I just feel inspired at the moment.

I enjoy reading Yalom’s books most of all because I feel he speaks from the heart, of which resides a deep and undying love for psychotherapy, the mind and the experience he has gained in his career in this field of work. I have yet to come across a therapist who seeks so openly about his/her journey and one whom exemplifies the ideas of creating your own experiences, nurturing your own gifts and becoming a therapist of ones own nature.

The, ‘The Gift of Theray’ Yalom aims his words to young trainees such as myself. When I  was reading the description of the book online, before purchasing, I had the idea that it would be someone of a handbook, beginners guide to the couch. After it downloaded on my kindle I realised that it actually was exactly that. Don’t expect a long and enjoyable story or intricate case studies… Instead you will find chapters that last a age, maybe two (if you’re lucky) about interesting little anecdotes based on experiences he has had over the years. For instance some of the chatter titles you will encounter:




TEACH EMPATHY…… and so on..

… as I read through the chapters and his ‘teachings’ I feel more and more like I will be keeping a hold of this book and want to come back to some of the musings through out my career.

Although only 8 chapters in, I would say, a very good read…. A very good read indeed.