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So I am at the point in my training where I begin 1-1 therapy, to 1-3 people per week… This means I am searching the web, almost on the daily for potential suitors, to this placement malarkey… I am wholly excited about the prospect of finally being able to put my abilities and my passion and my 6+ years of teachings and life experiences to the test…. However, just a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of finding the actual placement that is right for me.

The place I am training at has provided me with the contact details of a Dr who can potentially offer me a placement. As far as I am aware he is in charge of a variety of different wards and so all I need to do is go for an interview (fast approaching), and he sees whether I’d be suitable, I ask whatever questions…. As far as I am aware. the University has been rather vague on things to be honest….. At my interview they said I would be provided a placement, and then finally, after several back and forth emails and telephone conversations… I was finally told that my details had been passed on to the Dr afore mentioned. A month passed, I didnt hear from him… so I searched the internet with his contact details and emailed him myself. He responds in an equally blaze’ manner…. requesting to have a meeting, which I feel is really code for ‘interview’.

Anyways, through all of this, I decided I would scale the internet for other placement opportunities… A few have cropped up and I have taken an interest in… 1 I sent the application in today, the 2nd I am in the middle of a rather infuriating application form that asks very odd questions about being a trustee and upholding the organisations values etc…. and hardly anything about my qualifications or the type of counsellor I believe I am becoming…

However, something strange has happened whilst looking for the placement… I have always felt most comfortable working with women and for women, but I never did consider that this may be something I would specialise in. Yet the more I searched for placement opportunities, the more the women’s organisations appealed to me…

This confused me slightly. For one, as a woman, do I really want to narrow my focus to just women? As a non conforming woman, could I be good for the ‘general woman’ out there (whatever that means)… What is it about women that keeps drawing me in… Is it a good thing or a bad thing to work within your comfort zone? How will this affect my career and educational development…….

It was very interesting.. filling in one of the application forms for Rape Crisis Counselling, and to discover that my CV almost looks as if it was made with their person specification in mind. I do feel more comfortable with women… (I know issues to explore in my personal therapy), and I have some experience with systemic therapy as well as having worked with adolescents… both genders.. Something inside me is pulling towards adult women-family?!?!?! But I feel like it is still early days. Is it too early to be so specific?

I dont know… A lot of questions..

I have the interview with the blaze Dr next week… and I am waiting to hear back from the Rape crisis team, whether or not I have made it through to the group interviews, and if I ever get around to applying for this other Women’s Centre then… perhaps I will be awaiting news from them too.

If anyone out there has any advice re looking for placements… Please don’t hesitate.