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I miss writing! I wish I was getting more from the outside world, but I understand that I give as much as I get… and probably the longer and more skilled I get at writing the more enjoyable my thoughts will be to read and interact with. I will wait, (do some of that work) patiently… 🙂

In the meantime… Life has been rather hectic recently. I have been on a counselling course, learning how to engage with victims of abuse. Without realising it, it has been my first real experience at working with Counselling and developing and discovering my skills and personality as a counsellor.. I have been so used to, over the last few years, being engaged in courses and ‘training’ that revolved around literature and theoretical perspectives… Although having experience in an inpatient ward, and having engaged in 1-1’s with patients… It is no where near to 1-1 stipulated counselling work, let alone counselling with a specific and complex, clientele.

It just so happened that I also have 2 AMAZING books that I have personally used on my most recent journey. These are:

Jacobs, M. (2010) Psychodynamic Counselling in Action (4th ed). Sage, UK
Mcqueen, Itzin, Kennedy, Sinason, Maxted (eds) Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy After Child Abuse. The Treatment of Adults and Children Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse, Violence, and Neglect in Childhood. Karnac UK

         (please try to ignore awful referencing but I’m sure you’ll be able to find them)

Anyways, I wanted to share these reads for people, somewhere along the road of qualifying as a counsellor… Discovering things about themselves, and thinking about tactics and strategies to use when in a therapy session with a client. Jacobs (2010) helps with the practicalities of counselling… About the contract, assessment, and note taking.. For some reason I was about to start counselling people without having gone through these basics in a class setting.. It just so happened that I stumbled across this organisation that I have been doing some training with… I do wonder what on earth would have happened had I not??? I also dont know how I had come so far without ever thinking about listening skills??? Completely and utterly did not occur to me for a good while that there was a counselling side to psychodynamic counselling.  I am just about to start an honory placement and will, for the first time be delivering Psychodynamic Counselling to adults in the community. I really look forward to it, and these two reads have really helped to solidify thoughts, but also bring about reflections…

Some things I have learnt about myself over the last 6 weeks:

  • Having a powerful presence at home and in my relationships, and always being told I am passionate and sometimes forceful, in the sense that I have my ways… Someone who gives out hard love.. (which I think is more about my ability to have boundaries but translates differently to others).. This in turn has made me hold back a lot of my personality and personal characteristics. I need to find that middle ground about brining my personal qualities to the table in an empathetic, boundary holding way.

  • Holding on to interpretations. Holding on to interpretations and not be too quick to give them to the client. Even more so, later to be able to work with the client in a way that they come up with their own interpretations… Thoughts and feelings about their situations, rather than hearing interpretation after interpretation from you/me. I had an occasion where I was a couple minutes into a session with someone and I was way too eager to share my beautiful knowledge to this unsuspecting person who was merely left bemused by my psychobabble… Completely feel like I took her off her train of thought and she was left trying to figure what on earth I just said. Taking the feedback I got…. I then later… with a different situation, was blown away by simultaneously holding thoughts, interpretations in mind, and maintaining a thoughtful and engaging conversation with the person in front of me. It only lasted about 5 minutes, I was completely in awe of myself and the moment I was caught up in… I felt so alive, so professional… So amazing and in love with the moment….

…. So those are a few of the major issues I have come away with thus far. It has been inspiring. Thinking and learning about myself as a counsellor. Having spent a life of being good and involved in things but not really loving it… Every day I walk in to a class or a therapeutic environment I know I have found my calling. People are beautiful creatures that all just want to love and be loved. Unfortunately/fortunately, we all have histories and experiences that make us who we are…. I am about deciphering all these ‘things’ and helping us, including myself, to love (and be loved) again.

I am still here, doing what I love. I look forward to the real thing… Placement here we come!

I hope anyone reading this finds use for the readings I have referenced.. I certainly did, and I think I will be referring back and over them for the next couple of years ahead of me.

Thank you for reading. Leave comments if you like 🙂