Once in a while someone likes my posts or follows the blog… I feel a pang of guilt and useleness…. I really wish I could be more frequent with my posts because I amuse even myself when I go back and read my previous posts… I like my thinking 🙂 – but more so I like the fact that I take these snapshots down… and even more so that I can share them! 

I’ve read other posts.. I know I don’t have to be super sophisticated and intensive about it… perhaps I’ll start by making smaller posts of thoughts (which I’m sure knowing me will turn in to longer ones)…. but I want to be better at this! I’m writing it down in the hope that it won’t slip from my mind again! More so because it’s what I want… I do know that my lack of taking the time to write things down is partly because life gets so busy between everything!! But sitting down, thinking and typing I know will give me that little bit extra space for reflection but also and hopefully act as a stress reliever for all the massive and mundane things that swim through my mind….