At work today I sat looking after a young girl who has had a psychotic breakdown.. 16years old… I watched her moving around her room, talking to herself, to me… rambling about random things, fleeting things going through her mind… I sat watching her sit on the floor in funny positions and do other odd things with her body, whilst still muttering things to herself.. and to me… I saw her looking at her hands as if that’s the first time she’s ever laid eyes on them.. slow, movements, odd movements, funny epiphanies… delayed processing….. and I thought to myself about friends or random strangers I’ve seen in a similar state of mind when intoxiated.. it made me think of why addictions exist?? – could it be partly for this pull to insanity… a moment in time where we can forget about our deep and traumatising pains and just be silly, be slow, discoordinated, random, sloppy…. and everything else in between?? Feeling ‘insane’ and out of our minds is certainly closer to all of us than we allow ourselves to believe… if I’m right… then the vast majority of us are getting plastered on Saturday nights, willingly allowing ourselves to be pulled into the madness… if only it relieves us for a second of our real terrors and fears.