Bio: I am young and interested in mental health. I have worked in various inpatient wards. I have studied. Alot. Ive started seeing patients for once a week Psychotherapy. The training, along with trying to maintain a seemingly normal and balanced life is very difficult.... I thought I might need another space.... So here I talk about thoughts... about my life at times, and about my experiences at work, the interesting things I read and just being in daily life… Sometimes I'll veer off into philosophical spheres… All me, my thoughts, my ideas.. My translation of the outside world and its effects on my inner experience. I will never be wrong or write but I will evolve.

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1 thought on “About”

  1. Nice to meet you. I have did and ptsd I am blind, too. I am body age 35 but there are many parts of many ages becaue of the did. I hope you will follow my journey i write about my psychotherapy process. XX


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